My philosophy is to customize each players unique golf swing so that they can consistently control their impact position and improve as fast as possible.

Studying thousands of golf swings, including the best players throughout history has shown that there are several ways to swing a golf club successfully.The best players all have their own unique swings much like an individual thumb print. The only one thing all these players have in common is that they all control their impact position consistently. I believe every lesson should be working towards improving the impact area. How we get there is unique to each individual.

Many golfers have pieces in their swings that will work, but they don't work when pieced together with the rest of their swing. The key is combining pieces that work together so you can play your best golf. This allows the golfer to focus on simple swing adjustments that influence the impact alignments, ball flight, and contact.

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Brian took up the game of golf at the age of 18. He was introduced to instruction by Jim Neely, a well respected professional in Brian's home town of Spring Hill, Florida. Brian took weekly lessons for several years and as his game improved, he became fascinated with the golf swing. He researched and read everything and anything on the golf swing. It became clear to Brian that his true passion was golf and in particular golf instruction. Brian relocated to Dallas, Texas and his relentless pursuit of learning the golf swing and all the many teaching methodologies continued. During this time Brian worked with many influential people in the golf industry, learned many philosophies, experimented with several swing techniques, and this helped develop his teaching career. In 2009, Brian started teaching full time. In just over 5 years, Brian has already given over 10,000 golf lessons. He has had the great pleasure to spend time with several top instructors and at facilities such as:

Private Lessons

Below are locations and cost of lessons.

Ace Golf Range & Pro Shop
820 S Kings Ave
Brandon, FL 33511

Silverthorn Country Club
4550 Golf Club Ln
Spring Hill, FL 34609

$75 per hour. Half day and full day schools available upon request.

Receive an online lesson with these simple instructions:

Once you have paid via Paypal ,send an email to Brian at to coordinate the completion of your lesson.

For best results, film your swing from two angles:
Down the line - through the stance line at lease waist high and eight paces away.
Face On - at a 90 degree angle to the stance line and at least eight paces away.

Online Lesson Options

Customer Testimonials

Jacob Arnett

Nature Coast High School (District Champion 2012/2013)

Congrats to Jacob Arnett of Nature Coast High School! Jacob won individual District Championships for 2013! After working with Brian, Jacob lowered his 9 hole average from 39 to 37. He also recorded his personal low in a match this season with a 34. Jacob shot 72 to win his district tournament!

Matthew Kim

Congrats to Mathew Kim! After working with Brian he registered his lowest score to date with an 86! His previous best was 96.

Sean Russo

Licensed Prothetist/Orthotist

"I just wanted to take the opportunity to let everyone what a tremendous experience I have had over the last 18 months. Special thanks and enormous gratitude go to my teacher Brian Bolcar. It's difficult being left handed and finding golf clubs, let alone a left handed teacher.

I first came to Brian in January of 2012. At that time I was struggling with every facet of my game with the exception of putting. We tore the swing apart and started from scratch. While re-building the move became unbearably frustrating at times, to the point I thought about quitting altogether, Brian wouldn't allow it and always found some positive from our time together.

When I started, I was approximately a 15 handicap. Sometimes a little higher, sometimes a little lower but, could never put that special round together. Since working with Brian, I have dropped to a 5, moved back a tee box in the neighborhood of 40 yards longer off the tee!!

I will be forever grateful for the instruction, practice routines and belief that Brian had in me."

Evan Schechter

Investment Management Consultant

"My name is Evan Schechter. I have been taking lessons with you guys for about a year now. When I came in I could barely get the ball off the ground. With the help of Brian Bolcar I am now able to play around 100 but more importantly I can enjoy a round of golf with my friends. I have really enjoyed the lessons from Brian as he and myself are both left handed and it is difficult to find a left handed instructor. I hope to continue to improve on my game which wouldn’t have been possible without Brian's help."

Jay Davis

Southern Hills Senior Club Champion

"Brian Bolcar was the first instructor who was able to successfully help me improve my backswing positions dramatically, after years of trying. With his instruction I was able to reach my former lower handicap. levels that I hadn't seen in years. I also notched my first club championship at the senior level. I now have a better understanding of my swing and how to make my own corrections. I would wholeheartedly refer anyone to seek lessons from Brian if they are serious about improvement. "

Bill Krauss

Sales at Pavone dist

"Brian has taken my golf game to a new level. I break 90 all the time and have shot in the high to mid 70's 4 out of my last 6 rounds ! Thanks Brian".

-Bill Krauss

Travis Leffler

Golf Professional

"Having been in the golf industry for over 10 years, and working beside Brian for nearly 4 years, I can say he has helped countless golfers improve. Brian would average 10 lessons per day and was consistently a top performer within our organization. He was recognized as the most recommended instructor from our student base on numerous occasions. Brian's vast knowledge of the golf swing comes from his constant study of past and current technology and swing method. He has an ability to take all of his technical knowledge and relate it to the person in front of him with ease. If anyone is serious about improving their golf game, I would strongly recommend Brian Bolcar as their professional instructor".


PhD, Vocational and Technical Education

"Brian is an amazing golf instructor whose attention to detail is second to none. Whether you are looking to improve your golf game to impress your friends, perform better on your school team or need help getting higher in PGA rankings - Brian is the golf pro for you. Brain's attentiveness and tailor made lessons and programs allow you to progress naturally to the next level. Do yourself a favor and book a golf assessment with Brian to discover just how much he helps you improve your game".

Rodney Baker

Developer Southwest Airlines

"Brian loves golf and loves to teach golf. He also relates to his students very well, and can help solve each students different types of issues with their golf swing and lead them down the correct path to enjoy golf".

Sid Heuton

President of Marketing Directions

" I signed up for golf lessons from Brian in 2012. I found Brian to be professional, knowledgeable, personable and highly effective. Brian helped me to cut 7 to 8 strokes off my game in just a few sessions. I would recommend Brian to anyone interested in lowering their golf scores to have more fun on the course". Sid H

Ronnie Shumate

"Brian loves golf and loves teaching.He is upbeat,.competent.and knows the golf swing intimately.Very patient and consistent in his teaching.You can tell when someone cares and he does".

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